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Parking Information

Are vehicles required to be registered?
No, but all vehicles must have a current license plate and be in operating condition.

How can I prevent traffic accidents in my complex?
Don't drive faster than the posted speed limits and be very alert when driving through the properties. Be alert for children playing and for elderly or handicapped people who depend on your careful driving for their safety. You should especially observe speed zones posted within complexes where children often play.

Where should I park my car or truck?
There are no designated parking spaces. Common courtesy and neighborly concern should be used when parking vehicles. Streets and paved lots on the property are used for parking vehicles. If you park your car or truck on the grounds, on sidewalks, blocking fire lanes or in any other illegal place, it may be towed at your expense without warning. You will be charged for any damage to the property caused by careless driving or parking on the grounds.

Can I wash my vehicle on the property?
Residents are not allowed to wash vehicles on the properties.

What about inoperable vehicles?
Inoperable vehicles are not allowed to be on the property. You should report abandoned or inoperable vehicles to your Property Manager. A warning notice will be put on the vehicle and if it is not moved, it will be towed at the owner's expense.

Can I repair my vehicle on the property?
No, you may not make major repairs to your motor vehicle on the property.

What about my guest's vehicle?
There are no designated parking spaces. Residents should advise their visitors to park in areas that their neighbors normally do not use.