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Decorating Your Home

Why does management have to inspect my housing unit?
Federal regulations require management to inspect your home:

  • When you move in.
  • At least once a year.
  • When you move out.

Management also has the right to inspect a unit and will conduct special inspections between regular annual inspections. You will normally be given at least two days before an inspector visits, unless an emergency exists.

What kinds of decorating are allowed in my home?
You are welcome to add personal touches to your home, but certain permanent or damaging changes cannot be allowed at all or must be restricted. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • You may put curtains, throw rugs, pictures and decorative items in your apartment.
  • Decorate with removable materials and fasteners that do not cause damage to walls, floors, doors and appliances. (Don't attach plastic coverings to cabinets, refrigerators, or similar surfaces for example.)
  • Use removable strips to attach rugs and carpets to floors. No permanent types of carpet or floor coverings are allowed. Management will not replace or reimburse residents for rugs or carpeting that becomes damaged. (i.e., Water damage due to overflow of commode or burst hot water heater.)
  • You may lay telephone, television, or electrical cords or cables only along the wall, preferably behind furniture. They may not run across doorways, hallways, or the floor where someone could trip on them. You cannot change cabinets, counters, doors, floor coverings, plumbing fixtures or appliances. Do not put permanent shelves on walls.
  • Ceiling hooks are not allowed.
  • Wallpaper is not allowed, and painting of walls can only be done with written permission from management.

Remember, you will be charged for all repairs required to fix the unit for the next resident, except for normal wear and tear.

Can I install appliances and similar equipment?
You may install an air conditioner, washer or dryer only if suitable water supply fixtures, electrical service, exhaust vent and drains already exist. Please check with management before installing any major item.

Can I install a satellite dish?
No satellite dish is allowed on property.

May I have a waterbed?
No! Because of possible damage to the unit, waterbeds are not permitted.