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Yard Care

Who is responsible for taking care of yards, sidewalks, porches and canopies?
When you rent a housing unit, you also rent its yard area. It is yours to enjoy. You are, however, expected to keep trash picked up, to sweep your sidewalks, porches and steps, and to keep common areas clean. Porches and yards must always be neat. They should not be used to store tires, appliances, car batteries, bicycle parts, indoor furniture, etc.

If management or maintenance staff observes these items, you will be notified to remove them. You may be charged a fee if staff have to pick up debris or remove an appliance left in your yard. If you refuse to keep the outside of your apartment neat, management may issue a 14-day notice of eviction for violation of your lease.

Where do I take my household trash and garbage?
When you get rid of trash properly, less litter is scattered around the neighborhood. Each complex provides a method for disposing of household waste:

  • If your complex provides individual containers, be sure to place your container at the curb on the day assigned to you.
  • If your complex provides dumpsters, put your trash in bags and deposit them in the dumpster.
  • If you have household appliances or furniture to dispose of contact your Property Management's office and they will properly dispose of the items for you.

Why should I worry about trash in my neighborhood?
Management works throughout the year to get rid of unhealthy insects, rodents and ground squirrels. The treatments only work if you keep your neighborhood clean.

Help management and the sanitation service company pick up trash on time by parking cars so they do not block access to dumpsters.

Please do not put food outside for animals.