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Assistant Property Manager


Provide assistance and clerical support to property manager in the day-to day operation of assigned property. Collect and record rent and other charges, and assist with evictions. Receive requests for repairs, generate and close work orders. Assist and encourage residents to become self-sufficient by referring to programs directed toward self-sufficiency. Make interim adjustments based on information from residents. Assist in conducting annual re-examinations to verify continued program eligibility, and with various types of inspections. Attend staff meetings and training

Essential Job Functions

A. Answer telephone, greet visitors, prepare, maintain, and update financial and other records, including collections of rent and other charges
1. Greet individuals entering the administrative office of the property and answer telephone,
ascertain nature of business and assist individual or refer to proper person for assistance
2. Receive information from residents, such as intent to vacate, take appropriate action and follow-up
as needed, in accordance with established procedures
3. Collect rent and other charges from residents, scan to bank, enter corresponding data into computer system, and summarize collections for day and forward to accounting
4. Process requests for rent adjustments in accordance with established procedures, including
obtaining verifications, entering information into computer, etc.
5. Generate work orders in response to requests for repairs from residents, and close out work orders
in accordance with established procedures
6. Post charges associated with work order, late charges, etc. by entering them in computer and
generating notices for residents
7. Follow-up delinquent accounts and pursue collections in accordance with established procedures
8. Maintain rent roll by adding and deleting residents in accordance with established procedures
9. Maintain resident files and related documentation regarding continuing eligibility and adjustments

B. Assist with administrative management of property by performing such duties as conducting re-examinations, inspections, addressing resident concerns in a professional manner, enforcing property rules, lease requirements, and maintaining associated records, etc. as needed
1. Communicate with residents as needed to inform of policies, procedures, rules, and regulations
2. Assist with leasing units by typing lease, reviewing and signing lease, collecting deposits, etc.
3. Assist in coordinating vacancy preparation in order to minimize time units are vacant
4. Conduct property inspections, including move-in, move-out, housekeeping, and grounds in order to assure adherence to established standards
5. Maintain records of the status of assigned units, e.g. filled, vacant, anticipated vacancy, etc.
6. Conduct annual re-examinations by sending notice, schedule appointment, obtain data from EIV system, conduct interview, and enter data into computer system
7. Maintain records of residents' community service hours as appropriate
8. Assist with eviction process, and prepare related documentation to support recommendation

C. Assist in processing applications and maintaining the waiting lists
1. Receive applications from individuals
2. Enter information in computer for multi-family housing applications
3. Conduct interviews to determine eligibility
4. Follow-up on requests for information from third parties sent out in connection for applications
5. Obtain credit reports, criminal background, EIV information for applicants
6. Check PIC records to ascertain whether applicants have been housed in any other housing
7. Notify applicants of balance owed, need to be fingerprinted, eligibility, ineligibility and active
8. Assist in maintaining pending application files
9. Scan applications and add to waiting list, as appropriate
10. Review files and update information, periodically, in accordance with instructions
11. Assist in purging waiting lists periodically, as needed

D. Assist residents with special problems and promote amicable resident relations
1. Counsel residents who are not complying with the terms of the lease, and concerning delinquent
2. Refer residents with special problems, such as economic, social, legal, health, etc. to groups or
agencies that provide assistance, or to resident initiatives coordinator, as appropriate
3. Resolve conflict and complaints among residents, if possible, in order to avoid grievances

E. Fill in for supervisor as needed and attend meetings and training
1. Fill in for supervisor in his or her absence
2. Stay abreast of changes in regulations and procedures by attending training
3. Attend staff meetings as scheduled

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1. Knowledge of Authority policies and procedures, particularly as they pertain to property management
2. Knowledge of Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rules and regulations that apply to property management
3. Knowledge of laws and standards that apply to property management, such as Fair Housing Laws, OSHA Standards, Local and State Building Codes
4. Knowledge of basic office practices, procedures, and equipment
5. Knowledge of the operation of Authority computer system and software
6. Knowledge of the agencies that provide assistance and services to residents, including some knowledge of eligibility requirements
7. Knowledge of basic English in order to communicate verbally and in writing
8. Knowledge of mathematics sufficient to perform calculations required for summarizing rent collections, making deposits, and for rent adjustments
9. Ability to maintain required records such as resident files, vacancy reports, etc.
10. Ability to read and understand policies and guidelines
11. Ability to prepare clear concise reports and make appropriate recommendations within scope of responsibility
12. Ability to use basic office equipment such as telephone, fax, copier, scanner, and computer
13. Ability to communicate verbally and in writing
14. Ability to generate records, receipts, and reports efficiently using a calculator and the computer system
15. Ability to establish and maintain effective work relationships with peers, superiors, residents, community service agencies, and the public
16. Skilled in the use of computer software particularly as it pertains to establishing and maintaining resident records

Minimum Qualifications

Associate Degree in business or social services field plus two years of experience in dealing with the public and accounting for money, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience handling and accounting for money and involving public contact preferred.

Other: Valid Driving License
Ability to be insured under the Authority's vehicle policy

To apply please visit our office, located at 1706 Toomer Street, Opelika, AL 36801 or complete an application on our employment page.