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OHA Awarded Funding for FSS Program

Opelika Housing Authority and Opelika Housing Development, Inc. Awarded $115,292 Each in HUD Funding for Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Opelika Housing Authority (OHA) and Opelika Housing Development, Inc. (OHDI) are proud to announce that they have been awarded $115,292 each in funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program. This funding will significantly enhance the capacity of both organizations to empower residents and promote economic justice within the community.

HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge emphasized the importance of programs like FSS, stating, "Financial literacy, job training, and educational opportunities are some of the resources the FSS program connects HUD-assisted families to so that they have the chance to find employment and build assets. HUD remains committed to working with our local partners to empower residents and promote economic justice for all Americans."

The FSS program, a voluntary initiative offered to families in HUD-assisted housing, provides participants with coaching, referrals to services, and the establishment of a family escrow savings account. Program Coordinators work closely with participants to develop local strategies that connect them with public and private resources aimed at increasing earned income, financial empowerment, and facilitating progress toward economic independence and self-sufficiency.

"This funding will enable us to expand our efforts in providing vital resources and support to HUD-assisted families in Opelika," said Matthew McClammey, Executive Director of OHA. "Through the FSS program, we aim to break down barriers to economic stability and empower our residents to achieve their full potential."

Unequal access to savings, negative or invisible credit history, and low relative engagement in mainstream banking are national problems that especially impact renters and contribute to the racial wealth gap. The FSS program addresses these challenges by providing families with the tools and support needed to build financial resilience and security.

For more information about the Family Self-Sufficiency program, please contact our offices at 334.745.4171.

About Opelika Housing Authority (OHA): The Opelika Housing Authority is committed to providing safe, affordable housing opportunities and promoting self-sufficiency for low-income families in Opelika, Alabama.

About Opelika Housing Development, Inc. (OHDI): Opelika Housing Development, Inc. is dedicated to revitalizing and strengthening communities through affordable housing development, economic empowerment programs, and community partnerships.

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