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OHA to Host the 30th Anniversary SERC MLK Basketball & Cheer Tournament 

Empowering Youth Excellence: Opelika Housing Authority (OHA) to Host the 30th Anniversary SERC MLK Basketball & Cheer Tournament 

Opelika Housing Authority is thrilled to invite all community members, sports enthusiasts, and supporters of youth empowerment to join us in commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Southeastern Regional Conference (SERC) MLK Basketball & Cheer Tournament. This significant event, hosted by the Opelika Housing Authority, promises a weekend filled with thrilling sportsmanship, educational growth, and cultural celebration.

Empowering Youth Beyond Boundaries

At Opelika Housing Authority, we believe in the power of sports to inspire, encourage, and empower youth to reach beyond perceived limitations. The SERC MLK Basketball & Cheer Tournament provides a unique platform for young talents in public housing to showcase their skills, fostering a spirit of unity and excellence.

Celebrating 30 Years of Unity and Achievement

This year marks the 30th anniversary of SERC-NAHRO's commitment to hosting this impactful tournament. Over the past three decades, we've witnessed the transformative impact it has had on the lives of participating youth. Beyond the thrill of competitive sports, the tournament embodies the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., promoting equality, diversity, and community engagement. We're beyond excited to welcome youth, coaches, and families from across the Southeast region to our area of Alabama.

What to Expect at the 30th Anniversary Tournament:

  • High-Quality Basketball Matches: Watch youth teams across the Southeastern Region compete in intense basketball matches, showcasing their dedication and teamwork.
  • Captivating Cheerleading Performances: The energy will be contagious as cheerleading squads bring spirit and enthusiasm to the tournament, adding an extra layer of excitement.
  • Educational Opportunities: Beyond the court, the tournament offers educational tours and workshops, empowering youth with knowledge and guidance.
  • Cultural Experiences: Immerse yourself in the rich diversity of our community through cultural experiences that honor the legacy of Dr. King.

Tournament Date: January 12-14, 2024

Opelika Housing Authority welcomes everyone to be part of this milestone celebration. Join us in empowering youth excellence and fostering a sense of community, unity, and achievement.

For more information and to stay updated on the 30th Anniversary SERC MLK Basketball & Cheer Tournament, visit our website at and Facebook page. Together, let's make this anniversary a testament to the enduring spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the uplifting opportunities within affordable housing,  and the limitless potential of our youth.

About Opelika Housing Authority

Opelika Housing Authority provides affordable housing for the elderly and disabled in the cities of Opelika & Camp Hill and Lee & Tallapoosa counties. Opelika Housing Authority manages the Tallassee Housing Authority, which serves the city of Tallassee and Elmore and Tallapoosa Counties.


The vision of SERC-NAHRO is to empower local housing and community development agencies to build and expand their capacity to provide safe, affordable housing and increased quality of life in the communities they serve.

Ten southeastern states - Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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